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I was born into a bass fishing family. My grandparents and dad grew up on KY Lake and I spent many summers fishing there.  I currently live in Searcy, AR, where I was born and raised. Arkansas is the Natural State and it has treated me well over the years. It has provided for me years of outdoor fun. Between trout fishing on the Little Red River to duck hunting in the duck capital of the world, I have never been without a place to do what I love. Part of my enjoyment for the sport of bass fishing is studying the science behind what will get that big bite and why it is there.

I spent a few years in Florida without a bass boat, so this is where my start of kayak fishing began. Being in FL, most of my fishing consisted of salt water fishing. I now enjoy sharing the sport of kayak fishing with others. It is a great way to get out there without the expense of a boat.

When I am not out on the water, I help my family with our outdoor store, Beyond Boundaries Outfitters, located in downtown Searcy, AR.

I hope to be a role model for junior anglers and be an encouragement to them. I want to be an example of, “Never ever give up.”

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In this show Cody Milton talks about what it takes to win AOY. The struggles, miles driven, money spent, sleepless nights, and much more. Cody won the 2018 Kayak Bass Fishing AOY. He wasn't just the best in a state or region. HE was the best in the Nation....